Meet our awesome team Members


I am a dental assistant. I especially love teaching oral hygiene techniques to your child. I can show them ways to make sure they and you are doing a great job brushing and flossing. I also take many of the digital x-rays so that Dr. Haugseth and Dr. Sarah can look for tooth decay and any abnormalities in your child’s mouth. I truly enjoy working with children of all ages. There is nothing like a beautiful, healthy smile from a happy patient.  


 I am a dental hygienist. I really enjoy working at Post Oak Pediatric Dentistry because I love working with children and their parents, discussing ways they can assist their child to be cavity-free, and making tooth brushing fun. Sometimes cleaning a very young child’s teeth and taking digital x-rays can be challenging, but I still enjoy it.My favorite thing is to see a child leave our office smiling and happy if they were apprehensive at the start. Kids are such fun. I look forward to assisting you and your child in ways to prevent tooth decay and keep those smiles sparkling. 


 I am a dental assistant. I work closely with Dr. Haugseth and Dr. Sarah as we complete your child’s dental treatment. I assist your child so that they have the most comfortable experience possible. I really enjoy helping them and receive lots of smiles and hugs when we finish. I especially like helping your child pick their prize from the Treasure Tower. We have such fun.  


I am the office manager and treatment coordinator. I will assist you in scheduling your child’s appointment. I welcome your questions and will do all I can to make your visit to our office a wonderful one. I can’t wait to show you are the amazing things that we do here at Post Oak Pediatric Dentistry. You are in wonderful hands. I look forward to meeting you and your child soon.